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I Want You - Organ, Bass, Drums, Rhythm Guitar and Bongos

Hi all,

Fast forward five and a half years to 1969 as The Beatles go from I Want To Hold Your Hand to I Want You. This week I've turned the song into a bit of an organ trio featuring the ridiculously hot B3 playing of Billy Preston. Most people think of the heavy guitar riff and bluesy Lennon lead guitar when I Want You is mentioned, but I've always felt as if the organ part was too buried in the mix and therefore not given its due. Well here you have it front and center in all its glory along with some smokin' bass playing by McCartney, slammin' drums by Ringo, a bit of Harrison's rhythm guitar and the bongos overdub. The video was taken from mostly unreleased footage of the group and Billy Preston at Apple studios during the Get Back sessions. Enjoy!

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