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Glass Onion - Drums, Snare Drum Overdub, Tambourine, Piano and Double-Tracked Recorders

Hi all,

This week we will again feature a stellar drum track by Ringo on another Lennon song from The White Album, Glass Onion. Along with Ringo's heavily compressed drums are an overdubbed snare drum, tambourine, piano and a quick burst of double tracked recorders heard after the "Fool on The Hill" line. The video is compiled from 1968 clips from EMI studios, arriving at a Yellow Submarine press preview, at John's house in Weybridge and at the "You Are Here' exhibition. You can now pick up the second printing of I Want To Tell You with a Foreword by Happy Nat and an expanded Glossary as a paperback or for your Kindle from Amazon. For a signed copy click on the Home link and if you've read it, please review it on Amazon. Enjoy!

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