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Penny Lane - Vox, Bass, Piano, Drums, Horns, Cello and Piccolo Trumpet

Hi all,

This week's multi-track meltdown is all Paul. Penny Lane, along with Strawberry Fields Forever, made up the double A-side single that would be the first Beatles single to not reach number one since Love Me Do. Although Please Please Me did not reach number one in all the music papers, most fans consider it their first chart topper. Along with Paul's single tracked vocal we have one of his piano parts, his fantastic bass, Ringo's heavily compressed drums, John and George's backing vocals, some jazzy horns, cello and David Mason's piccolo trumpet part. Besides the first clip of Paul being interviewed for the show "It's So Far Out, It's Straight Down" the video is compiled from Paul's own films taken when visiting former Beatles press agent Derek Taylor in LA. Mal Evans also shot some of the footage of Paul. Enjoy!

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