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I Need You - Single Tracked Lead Vocal, Harmony Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Thumped Back of Acoust

Hi all,

For this week's multi-track meltdown we have an often forgotten George Harrison song from HELP! Although Harrison had contributed Don't Bother Me for With The Beatles he had no original songs on The Beatles third or fourth LPs. His composition You Know What To Do wasn't considered up to snuff and although demoed for the A Hard Day's Night LP, it never made it past that stage. Don't Bother Me was heard during the nightclub scene in A Hard Day's Night, but Harrison doesn't receive screen credit for the song. This was not the case with I Need You. Not only was Harrison credited at the end of the film, he also announced the fact as the group clowns around over the end credits of HELP! This mix features George's single tracked lead vocal, Paul's occasional harmony vocal, acoustic guitar, bass and some thumped acoustic guitar body to add a percussive element. The video was compiled from outtakes of the shoot for the I Need You scene in the movie filmed at Salisbury Plain. Enjoy!

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