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For No One - Clavichord, Drums and Bass

Hi all,

This week we return to Revolver for arguably the darkest song McCartney had written at this point. Written in the bathroom of a ski resort in the Swiss Alps while on holiday with his then girlfriend Jane Asher it hints at the cracks that were forming in the relationship and is one of McCartney's most personal songs. This mix features his clavichord, rented from George Martin's AIR company, bass and Ringo's drums. Lennon and Harrison did not contribute to the song which would become commonplace on a number of songs from this point on. The video is culled from the comings and goings of their 1966 tour, a tour which did not include any songs from the Revolver LP. By 1966 it was apparent by their attitudes in press conferences and their choice of songs for their live show that they had entered a new era. Revolver was the turning point where they realized that the studio was a canvas and that live performances were no longer necessary. By the end of August The Beatles as a touring band were no more. Enjoy!

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